New Year's Eve Fun Games Ideas 2017

New Year Fun Games Ideas: When it comes to celebrating New Year throwing a great party sounds like the perfect idea. One needs to plan the party in a proper way, along with figuring out the party decoration theme, food and beverage and most importantly how to make the party fun with some interesting games that would make the guests have a great time on Happy New Year 2017.

More the innovative games would equal to more the fun, the guests should be enjoying themselves to such an extent that the party would be worth remembering. Apparently, it is a huge task to plan a New Years Eve party to perfection and among all these planning thinking about the games to be played at the party seems like another huge task. We are here to provide some of the best New Year Fun Games 2017 ideas that one can implement at their party to make it more exciting. Take a look at some of these ideas and chose those games that would be the life of the party.

Happy New Year Fun Games
New Year Games Ideas

New Year Fun Games Ideas 2017

  • Guess Whose Resolution:  This would be an interesting game that the guests would enjoy.  The main thing about the game is that the guests should be asked to write down three different New Year’s resolutions on pieces of paper and throw them in a hat. After which each guests would be asked to take out one paper from the hat and read out the resolution aloud just to guess whose resolution it is. The player with the most correct guesses wins the game.
  • Costume Relay: The guests can be divided in a team of four teams and buy costumes for each team. The there would be a race where each player will proceed to race to the one side of the room and put on their costume, returning back to their team to take off their costume. The team who does this the fastest would apparently win the game.
  • New Year’s Trivia:  This is one such game where the entire family along with friends can have a good time. A New Years Trivia will be based on all of the milestones that have happened over the past year. Events like graduations, weddings, jobs, and travel can be chosen. The one who is able to guess the most will be winning the game.
  • Who Am I: The most exciting game would be the guessing game. Guest will have no idea which celebrity name is attached to their back but they can ask other guests up to twenty questions to figure out which celebrity they’ve been designated. After 20 yes or no questions, the game is over and participants will take their best guess about who they are.

These are some of the games that one can have at their party, so one can take some ideas from New Year Fun Games 2017 Ideas and have a great New Years Eve party


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