Happy New Year 2017 Calendar Decoration ideas

New Year Calendar Decoration Ideas: Every New Year brings new hope, wish, bless and a new calendar. Though we grow old with every New Year and the calendar shows this to us very clearly. New calendar means new resolution, new deadline, new goal and many more pending things to do. So Happy New Year Calendar Decoration takes an important part of our life. On this day we give various gifts to our near and dear ones. Calendar is also a gift able thing. You can buy a calendar from market and present it to someone.

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But you can do one more thing as technology and internet is now easily available to us. There are some sites where you get different types of template which you can use as calendar. You can add your memories, nature pictures or the picture of that person whom you want to give this gift. After choosing the next step is print. You can print it buy your own or you can leave this task for the company. They will do the rest task and send this calendar at your home.

New Year Calendar Decoration Ideas
You can also decorate calendar page by your own. For this you have to know Photoshop and graphics.  If you do so then you will see different spark on receiver’s face. As this gift has a personal touch of sender and it is meant a lot to everyone.

Besides this there are so many other things to make your calendar different from others. You can try some art and craft ideas for making New Year calendar. Some ideas about this calendar are given here
An Instagram calendar.

To make this type of calendar you need 12 personal images, plain poster board, glue, yarn and decorative papers. Trim the calendar at your favorable size then add pictures on poster board and use yarn to hold the complete matter.

Journal calendar

This is different from usual calendar. It is like a fun project. To make this you need a fruit box. 12 postcards, 180 lined index cards, date stamps and paper cutter. Organize this calendar with your choice able shape.

Canvas calendar

To make this type of calendar you need a canvas and some ribbon strips of your favorite color, some piece of paper for writing the numbers and glue. You can make this so easily at your home.


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