Happy New Year 2017 Home Lighting Decoration Ideas

New year is the time when we all celebrate this time with great joy and energy. All people want to stay close with their family, relatives and friends. Because no celebration can be complete without closed people. There is a tradition of home decoration at this time. Many of us arrange a party or a little get together. So for this condition decoration is very important part.

new year 2017 lighting decoration
New Year Home Lighting Decoration Ideas
Now a day’s all of us love the decoration of light. Light gives a spark to all things and the place or object looks so attractive. Attractive thing draw all the attention of everyone so easily. Though, it is not a new thing to Indians. In India people decorate their house with clay lamp on Diwali. According to them light is the symbol of truth, true spirit and good will. So they decorate house and house surroundings with this lamp from so many years. Now if we look to the western culture there also has this tradition. They also decorate their home on Christmas and there after New Year. Here I want to give you some suggestions about light decoration on New Year.

There are many kinds of New Year lights which are used to brighten the house and house surroundings to give it a festive look. We decorate our garden, lawn, terrace and obviously house with so many lights. The rice bulb or string lights are mainly used for this purpose. These string lights are finding in various colors and patterns. LED is now very much in. from our car’s headlight to our home LED is our first choice.

Now there are fashionable and smart look LED lights are easily available in market. You can pick one of them of your choice. Check some different types of LED for decorating purpose.

1.       Miniature LED
2.       Application Specific LED
3.       LED strips
4.       Directional – Reflector Led Lamp
5.       Conversion Kits & Down lights
6.       LED candle bulbs
7.       LED corn bulbs
8.       R7S LED Lamp
9.       LED tubes
10.   LED panel light
11.   LED stage lights
12.   LED Track lights etc.

These are varieties of LED light. You can pick any of them for New Year decoration purpose. If you want arrange a New Year party then this lighting decoration will also help you on that matter too.


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