4 Most Unique New Year 2017 Celebration Ideas

New Year’s eve is all about partying, dancing, testing new foods, spending the night together with your closed ones. Here we listed out some great New Year celebration ideas for Happy New Year 2017! Undoubtedly, New Year is one of the biggest festivals in the world. So, how are you planning to celebrate it? You may also share your celebration ideas to help other people out in the comment section. Let’s look into the section of Happy New Year Celebration Ideas.

Here in this website we are trying to provide you the New Year Celebration Ideas, which is not going to cost you a fortune just before you step into a whole new year. A midnight feast with all relatives, expensive decoration, Champagne toast at 12 AM have really become cliche ideas these ideas. So, what new you should do this year to welcome new year 2017!

Happy New Year Celebration Ideas

Unique New Year Celebration Ideas

First, wish you all Happy New Year 2017! Here we are going to list out some of the best unique Happy New Year Celebration Ideas. Check it out and pick the best ideas that suits your circumstances.

New Year 2017 Celebration Ideas

  • ·         Votive Candles Decoration
  • ·         Write a prediction for the coming year
  • ·         Hiring a Photographer
  • ·         Unusual Noisemaker

Votive Candles Decoration

Candles have always been a cost effective way to decorate your home on any festival. Just dim all the lights in your house on new year’s eve and put votive candles as many as you can. It would surely create a festive atmosphere and you don’t have to spend a fortune for that. Another trick that may help to look the decoration much better, just put the candles in a bag with zip lock system and put it in a freezer just a day before the new year’s eve. The candles will burn together.

Asking Guests to Write Prediction

Just ask your friends to write some predictions for New Year 2017! It would be great fun to read out the prediction at midnight supper. Guessing who wrote it is the most fun part of the game, you’ll get to know your friends much better and it also the best way to call the new year’s eve a night.

Hiring Photographer

No one thinks about hiring a photographer in a new year party. Photographer sees people and scenes in a different way comparing to us. Hiring a photographer is not very costly but it will help you to get some extraordinary memorable pictures of New Year’s Party.

Unusual Noisemaker to Make some Fun

Remember as a child we used to love making noise with anything, believe me that child is still alive inside us. Organize a noise making contest and make a video of it. You’ll laugh your heart out looking at the video in the morning.

So, welcome the year 2017 with lots of fun and excitement, apply these new year celebration ideas and don’t hesitate to tell us your experience in the comment box as we love to hear the fun stories of people. Once again, wish you all Happy New Year 2017, just make it a year for you and do whatever makes you happy. 


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