5 Offbeat Things to do in New Year 2017

New Year is celebrated all around the world where people look forward to a fresh start leaving behind the past. It is a new start to everything and we must celebrate it in the best way possible so that the New Year will be a memorable one. People usually celebrate New Year by organizing party with friends and family over a lovely dinner and ending it with the countdown to the New Year.

However, one can think of unique ways of celebrating New Year just to make it more exciting and worth the reminiscence. Going away from the traditional things to do on a New Year we present to you some of the offbeat things to do this New Year to make it special. So get all you friends and family members and celebrate a new beginning in a grand style different from the usual. We present to you 5 offbeat things to do in New Year.

Here are some of the offbeat things to do this New Year 2017

  • ·     One can think about a unique way of welcoming the New Year by eating grapes. Yes you heard it right, grapes! A group of friends and family can start having one grape as the seconds draw near to midnight. This sound bizarre, but it is a unique way to welcome the New Year.
  •          Break plates for good luck, this is yet another way to celebrate New Year. In some countries breaking of plates is considered to bring good luck, so with this we can come up with some of the offbeat things to do this New Year.
  •         Color fun- This is one of the most used offbeat things that some people go for during New Year. The act of wearing a particular color on this day will be perfect to bring in some luck for the New Year. One can wear Red or yellow and even carry bag of the same color, therefore, luck and prosperity will follow.
  •          Lanterns can be used to bring in good luck for the New Year , burning one with close friends and family with a message attached to the body will make the celebration even more special.
  •          Throwing flowers in the Sea, this is one of the most beautiful yet offbeat things to do this New Year. One can have a basket of flower and set them off the sea. This tradition is inspired from India as this brings good luck.
These are the 5 offbeat things to do in New Year to welcome it and along with that have good luck and prosperity following it. One can search the net to look for some off beat things to do this New Year and have a splendid time


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