New Year’s Eve 2017 Games and Celebration Ideas

New Year eve is the time when we bury all our disappointment, forget the past and look for a new beginning, make new promises and take new resolutions. New Year eve is also the time when we meet with our friends and family and spend a fun filled evening with them and make count down for the clock to strike twelve. If you are looking for some innovative party ideas for the new year eve gala event, you are absolutely at the right place my friend. In this article we shared some unique party and celebration ideas exclusively for the New Year Eve. Come take a look at these funny games ideas which will keep your guest entertained from the moment they arrive at your party. Wish you all Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year 2016 Games Ideas

New Year's Eve 2017 Games Ideas

Cotton Ball Blitz

What do you need

Cotton balls
Two bowls for each player

How to play
Put two bowls in front of each player who are taking part in the game. Fill one bowl with cotton balls and keep the other one empty.
Rub Vaseline on the nose of the participants and set a particular time.
Now tell the players to move the cotton balls from one bowl to the other using only their nose. The player who move the most number of balls, wins.

New Year's Eve 2017 Celebration Ideas

Knowing Knees

What do you need
Blindfolds and chairs.
How to play
Blindfold all the male players and ask the ladies to sit down in the chair.
Ask all the male players to go along the line of the female players and try to recognize them by only touching their knees.
The player with most correct guesses, wins.

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Happy New Year 2017 Games Ideas

New Year’s Champagne Race

What do you need
Two bottles of Champagne
Champagne Flute

How to play

Give each participating player a champagne flute and a teaspoon. Fill the bowls with champagne and keep the bowls in front the player. Generally a bowl for 2-3 persons.
Then tell the players to fill the glasses with champagne, kept in the bowl, using the teaspoons only. The first person to do so, wins.

Happy New Year 2017 Celebration Ideas

Find your song

What do you need
Popular Songs Lyrics
Slips of papers

How to play
On the paper slips write down some popular song lyrics or New Year related songs.
Cut the slip of paper on two pieces so that some part of the lyrics remain in one half and the other parts on the other half.
Hand out those slips of paper to each guest when they arrive, and at the middle of the party , announce that each guest has to find the other guest with the rest of their song. The first two couple to do so will get the prize.

New Year Games Ideas

Pass the Hat

What do you need
New Year’s Hat
A sound system.

How to play
Asks the guest to sit in a circle and give one them the New Year’s themed hat.
Now play the music on the sound system and tell the players to pass on the hat from the head of one player to another.

Now certainly stop the music. The person with the hat on his/her head when the music stops, gets eliminated from the game.
The last person survive wins the game.

New Year Celebration Ideas

Guess Whose Resolution

What do you need

Slips of paper
Pen or pencil

How To Play

Tell each of your guests to write down 5 resolutions with their name on it, on their own allocated slip of paper. 
Pull one chit of paper out of a the hat at a time randomly and read it out loud.
Now tell the guests to guess whose resolution it could be.
The person who guesses the most correctly wins a prize

Folks hope you all have liked these unique New Year’s Eve games and celebration ideas. Select a few among these ones and enjoy your evening with the guests, friends and family.


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